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Inmate Rakes In Over $1M While Behind Bars, Largest Prison Cellphone Scheme Uncovered

Authorities have uncovered a "disturbingly sophisticated" scheme at a high security Australian Prison.

When I got tipped off about this story I didnt believe it at first. It was one of those bizarre stories that I actually had to do fact-checking on before publishing it was so unbelievable. Deep inside one of Austrlia's most dangerous prisons, a most devious scheme was going on.

It's not uncommon for inmates to smuggle items or contraband that is not allowed in prison. George Walden, a 32 year old inmate from Sydney serving a 4 year sentence for Rackateering, was able to get his hands on a cellphone while inside. The phone had internet access and George quickly discovered he could use that to his advantage. He figured out a loophole most aren’t aware of. Certain online casinos will give you free money to play with as an incentive to sign up or deposit. You can keep and cash out any money you win using their funds. Not only was George able to gamble with the casinos money from prison, but he was making money and lots of it.

After winning a few thousand on the first burner phone he smuggled in, he used the winnings to bribe guards to bring in more. Within a week he was creating multiple accounts daily. Since phones were tough to smuggle in he had to be picky about what casinos he played in. He ended up using a casino called Joe Fortune™ that was giving new players a $5000 signup bonus. They couldn't cash out that money but they could use it to win real money to cash out. Sometimes George would win, sometimes he’d lose - but when he won he won big. At the end of the first week he had cleared around $6500.

After about a month things took an interesting turn. Just minutes before guards came around to perform their daily cell check George hit the jackpot for a staggering $892,329 on a . He screamed so loud it drew the attention of the prison guards. They burst into the cell expecting to walk in on acts of violence. When they finally were able to comprehend what had been going on they were in disbelief.

George was caught just a week later trying to smuggle in an iPhone using a carrier pigeon

They told the warden what was going on and he shut down the whole operation overnight, seizing around 145 cell phones as well as George's winnings as he is technically property of Australia during his incarceration. George was devastated to forfeit his winnings but said it was the most fun he’d had in prison since starting his sentence.

Like I said, I was in complete disbelief when this tip landed on my desk. I couldn't believe someone in a position like his could win this much money. Intrigued, I too signed up to Joe Fortune™ taking advantage of their massive welcome bonus and just a short while later walked away with a cool $1523.55

We wanted to find out how it was possible to win that big without depositing money, was it a scam? We got in touch with an industry expert who had this to say: "The online gaming world is loaded with misconceptions that players have to spend tons of cash to win big - but thanks to free joining spins and incentives, that's no longer the case. Casinos like Joe Fortune™ have been pioneering this new business model and it's great because it works out for the casino AND the player."

UPDATE: Feeling Lucky? After George's story was published Joe Fortune's $5000 welcome bonus is only going on until midnight and then it will be discontinued, so ACT FAST and claim your FREE $5000 below!


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Angela Ray
I can't believe they let this happen! He should be locked up for life and all the money should be taken out of his bank account and given to people who ACTUALLY need it!

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Gary Baxter
Lucky guy! Imagin winning that much...too bad he'll never be able to enjoy it..HAHA!

17 minutes ago · Like

Ashley Yadav
My brother works in the online gambling industry and Bingo Cabin is notoriously known for having some of the craziest promotions in the industry. I’ve made thousands every time they have these things.

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